As true connoisseurs, one of our main goals at Best Buds Outlet is to make sure you are well informed and up to date on our products. If you have any questions, drop us a line anytime! For any medical questions, it's best to contact your Health Care Practitioner.

Please consume responsibly.

To start, we'd like to say that cannabis is plant - not a narcotic.


Although there are many different strains, cannabis is broadly categorized into three groups. 

Indica - Gives you more of a calming sensation. The effects are usually a sense of deep mind and body relaxation. Although effects will vary for individuals, it is recommended to consume Indica in the evenings when the buzz of the day is behind you. 


Sativa - Gives you more of a cerebral stimulation. The effects are generally a more energized experience. It is recommended to consume Sativa during the day when you are more active. 


Hybrids - The effects fall between the Indica-Sativa spectrum. Which side they leans to depends on the traits taken on from the parent strains. 


How do you use it?

There are three basic ways to consume cannabis: smoke, vapour, and ingestion.

What you need to know

THC - "Tetrahydracanabinol" to be exact, is the psychoactive and main component of cannabis. If you're new to cannabis, we suggest that you start with a lower concentration of THC and see how you feel.

CBD - Also known as Cannabidiol, is the second most prominent compound found in cannabis. It is actually comprised of about 113 different compounds that are collectively referred to as CBD and have a wide range of effects. 

Terpines - These are compounds mostly associated with the smell and taste of cannabis. The lingo of a true connoisseur.

Trichromes - Aptly and better known as "crystal" for the tiny, sticky crystalline structures that form on Buds which contain THC and CBD.